Last year last semester week 12

The days are longer. The snow is melting.

The days are longer. The snow is melting.

It was a simple, short week because of Easter weekend. I finished up a big year long project I’ve been working on, we were given a whole morning of sketchbook time to explore in illustration class and Chris and I finished up a complete version of the magazine.

Second a day

I stayed back after photography class to put the finishing touch on my Second a Day video and upload it to the wild. You can find out more about the project in this post I wrote and at Vimeo. It was great to finish a year of the project and see it live on the web. And then I took a second a day video of my second a day video. Meta, man.

Projector experiments

Chris and I rented out a projector for our magazine project and played with that. We came out with some results we’re happy with and we’re planning a more considered photoshoot for later this week. The experimentation that we did with the typography and the objects has me really excited about the magazine now. We also finished up a complete rough copy of the whole thing at the Editorial Extravabonanzathon Part III so now we can get into one of my favourite parts: detailing.


Sketchbook time

My instructor gave us the whole morning of class to work in our sketchbooks. Ideally we’d be working in these outside of class but sometimes it’s hard to justify spending time on them when you have deadlines to meet. I’m happy to report it was as great as I had hoped it would be. Mike took us through a warm-up exercise and then we just went at it. I did a lot of collage work, cutting up magazines and pasting bits and pieces here and there. I also did some painting, a picture weave and made an alligator pony.