Photos for July 30–August 5, 2017

August is a bittersweet month for me. Reality sets in, summer no longer feels endless, and the threat of winter looms (autumn barely exists where I live). With photography demanding more effort in winter, I addressed the dread with an August photos project. The goal: bring my camera (preferably the mirrorless one) everywhere and take a photo every day. In addition to simply taking more photos, I'm trying to explore subject matter and types of photography that are outside of my comfort zone. 

I started a monthly project for two reasons. Firstly, I hope this turns into a habit and I continue bringing my camera everywhere (the iPhone will do, but I really should bring the mirrorless considering how portable it is). I really mean everywhere too. I brought it to the grocery store this week. Secondly, a yearly project is a monumental commitment and I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I want to develop a sustainable photography habit I can continue with.